Michael here at Digital Media Motion. I chose to give my team a break and personally write this article as a public service announcement to all business owners.


The number one questions we hear from skeptical business owners are “what’s the best way to advertise?”,  “how to market my local business?” and “does social media marketing work?”


If that sounds like you then get ready to enjoy this article.  I am personally going to address all those questions below!


The art of generating business has always consisted of the same formula since the beginning of time.  50% is attributed to the product or service & 50% is attributed to the marketing and advertising. It is impossible to reach success and more importantly KEEP success for long with out both elements properly  in place.


Let’s start very bare bones and work our way up! It makes things very simple to understand this way. Trust me, read on.


In the old days, even before the radio, a stores location was 50% responsible to the success of a business. This is why street vendors were the norm and the only way to conduct standard business. They relied on foot traffic as it was their main traffic source. Foot traffic is still important today for businesses however it’s not the end all be all it once was. As technology changed the way we live, it also changed how traffic is generated and how business is earned. The businesses that adopted billboard and radio advertising gained the advantage over those who failed to adapt. The same happened when televisions reached every household. It was the businesses that invested in themselves and saw the opportunity that took action and ultimately prospered.


Well, just as radio out performed billboard and tv out performed radio, the trend has continued. This time around the optimal broadcasting form is digital media. Why is digital media so much better you ask? Let me thoroughly explain:


Plain and simply, digital media is currently where most peoples eyeballs are. What better way to showcase what your business offers on a channel where most of your potential, and current, customers are spending their time? For the first time in the advertising landscape, digital offers two way communication with consumers as well as the ability to track what is working and offers a way to assess how to improve your overall value. Also, due to the nature of digital advertising being broadcast by computers and the internet it has the ability to calculate an exact return on investment. Something impossible for, flyers, billboard, television, and radio ads to emulate. With every other from of advertising you are essentially “paying and praying”, not ideal.


Properly broadcasting what your business offers is the key. As a business owner you must constantly be aware of the optimal broadcasting channel for your business as the world evolves. Finding this out includes knowing who both your primary and secondary target audience is, what keeps them up at night, what they like and dislike, how old they are, etc.


In essence, every business owner runs TWO businesses. Let me repeat that. Every local business owner runs two businesses simultaneously.  The business they know and the business that gets the message out to their ideal local audience.


Social media marketing works because, well, it’s social. Social is more personable than a billboard, radio ad or tv commercial. Social builds relationships and trust faster than any other from of advertising. Trust is the key to selling your product or service. If a consumer doesn’t trust your business they will never call or even consider doing business with you. Proper social advertising is the solution to build that trust.


After thousands of business analyses conducted we have found that business owners are failing to use the correct strategy. Most business owners use the old school methodology with the new age tools. For example, some of you may have tried posting for a few weeks only to see no results, become annoyed, and quit entirely. It is safe to assume that you were probably “selling” in each and every post you made. Ask yourself, IS THAT SOCIAL? Not one bit. In fact 84% of millennial’s no longer trust traditional advertising because the baby boomers have simply over done it. Millenials are immured to traditional advertising. The instant they see it, their brains categorize it as old school and irrelevant.


Fun fact: By 2019, Millennials will have the most spending power of ANY generation. It is essential that you are marketing correctly to them in order to earn their business.


Here is a free tip: Instead of selling in every post you must instead educate and entertain your audience. You must become a source of credible value to build any trust. After you gain trust then you display your offer. That’s the 10,000 foot overview in a nutshell.


It’s a fact that most business owners simply don’t have the time, resources or marketing knowledge to execute and manage a proper marketing plan. This is the reason why marketing agencies exist and do quite well.  That is where we come in. Let our knowledge of the online world help propel your business further.


I can go on and on, If your interested in learning more please give Digital Media Motion a call at 845 -288-3841. My team and I are eager to connect with you and discuss the best options for your business. Its really powerful stuff folks but you must take action to see any results. The 2019 holidays are coming fast and there is a ton of opportunity that awaits you.


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