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Let me start by expressing that this company is different in a great way. We have tried  many marketing companies over the past few years and none of them were able to produce a consistent profit for us. Digital Media Motion accomplished this for us in the very first month. They have been our marketers for over 2 years and their marketing efforts still continue to bring us new customers.

Austin J.
Local Client

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Our Google advertising agency creates high-converting Google ad PPC campaigns that effectively showcase your company’s products or services to your ideal target audience actively searching for them on Google.

Our team of Google ads specialists, backed by extensive experience and access to valuable Google data, possesses the advertising expertise to drive your PPC advertising campaigns towards resounding success at an accelerated pace.

With a proven track record of generating over 100,000 high-quality leads for our clients, our PPC’s agency’s focus is on profitable lead generation, delivering exceptional results.

Trust our PPC services to harness the power of PPC advertising and maximize your lead generation potential, providing you with the finest and most effective approach to driving your business forward.

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Lack PPC Experience?

Lack experience with Google Ads? Our seasoned team transforms beginners into experts, optimizing campaigns for your success. Let us supercharge your results today!

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Not enough time for Google Ads management? Our skilled team handles it all, ensuring your campaigns thrive. Let us free up your schedule and take this task off your hands!

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Struggling with an unprofitable Google Ads account? Our experienced team will revamp your account and make it profitable. Let us turn your losses into gains and save you time!


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✔️(Trusted) We are a 5-star rated digital marketing company with the support of many.
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✔️(Results) Our Results are second to none. Our clients ads beat their competitors.
✔️(Understanding) We know marketing is an investment & you must choose wisely.
✔️(Affordable) Our services are fairly priced, standing out among our competitors.
✔️(Friendly) We treat each and every client like family as opposed to just a number.
✔️(Local) We’re a local South Florida PPC agency & know the area & residents well.

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Recent PPC Management Client Reviews

“I have used a few local agencies in the past but they ended up either under delivering on their promises or simply had bad communication. Digital Media Motion is a cut above the rest. We utilize their google ads ppc service and social media marketing in order to grow our practice and we couldn’t be happier.”

Bradley K.

“We contacted Digital Media Motion about 6 months ago to help market our restaurant on YouTube and I’m glad we did! We have had more new customers in the last 6 months compared to the last 2 years. We are very pleased with their ppc services, professionalism, and most importantly, their results!”

Kate T.

“I used to gain the majority of my customers from the Yellow pages and knowing I needed to update with with the times, I reached out for modern marketing services. Michael and his team put together a very profitable Google ad campaign and the results have been outstanding since. I highly recommend them.”

Leroy H.

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Our Google Ads Specialists Have You Covered

Google Search Ads

Google search PPC ads are one of the most important system to have in place for the steady growth of your business. When your ideal customer searches for what you offer, they are presented with your offerings. Our methods entice them to contact YOUR company over every single one of your competitors!

Google Display Ads

Google display ads are a powerful tool to further boost your online exposure. These display ads appear as images on google and websites that your ideal customers visit.  These special ads entice those who are searching for your what your company offers to visit your website which in turn  starts the consideration process.

Youtube Video Ads

YouTube video ads are very profitable as it’s the second largest search engine next to google. YouTube videos do require content creation however we have a special way to get your videos shown by only by those who are searching for what your company offers. Being seen and heard is a great way to gain more customers!

Re-targeting Campaigns

Re-targeting campaigns are proven to be the most profitable campaigns to run. These powerful campaigns can be run on google and/or YouTube and only show to people who have interacted with your company. Re-targeting entices your potential customers to become a customer by following them around the internet.

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PPC ads, including Google ads (formerly referred to as Google Adwords), offer a powerful means to ensure that your company’s products or services are visible to individuals actively searching the internet for the optimal solutions to their problems.

Our meticulously crafted PPC ad campaigns, designed by our Google ads specialists, consistently outperform our clients competitors’ campaigns by a substantial margin, delivering a consistent stream of profitable leads on a daily basis.

Feeling skeptical is understandable, and we appreciate your caution. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Google ad PPC specialists. They will provide you with valuable insights and demonstrate the truth behind our exceptional track record. Take this opportunity to experience firsthand the results-driven approach we bring to our clients’ pay per click advertising campaigns.

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Your Ads Will Outperform Your Competitors, Guaranteed

Crafting a profitable and consistent PPC Google ads marketing campaign requires the integration of multiple essential elements. Our PPC expertise lies in ensuring that your Google ads campaigns are visually appealing and highly converting, effectively reaching the right audience and generating quality leads for your business.

We meticulously optimize each aspect of your PPC campaigns, from compelling ad copy to engaging visuals, targeting parameters, and landing page design. By aligning these elements strategically, we maximize audience engagement, increase click-through rates, and ultimately drive conversions. With our focus on delivering exceptional results, you can trust us to elevate your Google ads campaigns to their full potential, generating consistent and profitable leads for your business.

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