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The Challenge:

Digital Media motion was tasked with rebuilding a local Lake Worth companies google ads account from the ground up. Our goal was to generate leads at an affordable cost for this client who name shall be withheld to protect their data. We will refer to them as “Client G”


Client G reached out to us in October of 2019 about managing their google ads account. During that time, they conveyed that the current company who was managing their google ad campaigns had been showing diminishing results and they were worried about business growth. They signed with Digital Media Motion and we performed a complete overhaul of both their website and google ads campaigns.

The Solution:

We first focused our efforts on Client G’s website. In order to have an effective and profitable google ads campaign, a companies website must be up to par. Their website was not optimal in a few key areas such as having a slow website loading speed and improper landing pages. These landing pages were simply not designed to entice it’s visitors to place a call and inquire for pricing. 

After the website was overhauled, we aimed our efforts on their google ads campaign, breaking up each service they offer with relevant ad copy while listing the benefits. 

The Results:

Fast forward to the time of writing this case study (June 2020), and we have successfully been able to provide very affordable leads for Client G since the very first campaign we launched.

Client G has reported a 900% increase in affordable leads for each month they have had us manage their google ads campaigns compared to the same month over the last 5 years of their existence. We have managed to gain above average click through rates of 5-8% (Industry average is 2%). Higher click through rates have also rewarded our client’s google ad campaign with cheaper cost per clicks which has results in lower cost per lead acquisition. 

This case study is obviously vague to protect them as well as our marketing strategies regarding google ads however you may speak to client G at anytime and will be very pleased if so. Simply reach out and give us a call and we will connect you with them! 




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Digital marketing agency boynton beach

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