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Our approach to digital marketing is centered around modern innovation and industry leading marketing strategies that are proven to provide you with consistent, profitable results.

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Every business is unique and has unique customers with different interests, buying habits, needs, wants and passions. Our foundational analysis is second to none when determining who your customers truly are and what makes them tick. This approach is the foundation of how our digital marketing agency functions and it’s how we are able to consistently generate quality leads and grow your customer base. Our team at Digital Media Motion is dedicated to providing exceptional marketing solutions to help you scale your business. 

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Meet The Team!



Founder & CEO

Michael is in charge of the daily operations here at Digital Media Motion. He lives for ideas and growth and deals directly with each and every client we service. When not spending most of his time helping fellow business owners, you can find him working on and racing cars.



Social Media Growth Expert

Teresa is Digital Media Motion’s social media growth expert with a passion to showcase any company and what they offer in the most positive light. When she is not working with clients and growing their brand accounts she spends her time writing songs and singing her heart out!



Software Developer

Austin excels as Digital Media Motion’s master software developer. With a passion to create seamless, optimized code there is no project too big or out of reach for him to achieve. When not spending his time developing websites and creating apps, you can find him developing video games and building race engines.



Analytics Expert

Jared is the analytics expert at Digital Media Motion. With an adept talent for analyzing data and making valuable connections, he helps our marketing team deliver powerful marketing campaigns that pack a punch! When not analyzing client data he spend his time studding team metrics and betting on his favorite sports with the dream of winning big!

Our Values

Let our passion and talent for marketing provide you with a pleasent experience.


Our team works around the clock to service our clients so they they are very satisfied with the results we can bring them


Results. Results. Results. At the end of the day, this is the main reason you hire us! We make sure to provide valuable results with each task we complete for you.


Results are a great first step however we always aim to provide consistent results so your company continues to grow and we remain partners for years to come! 


Business is great, and it’s the driving force around what we do. However, the relationships we get to build with our happy clients is what truly brings us joy to keep pushing forward! 



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Digital marketing agency boynton beach

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